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I am Caitlin, also known as Kiwifeathers. This is my blog, where I laugh alone with budgies, fish and dogs and reblog lots of stuff. Currently job seeking. I love dogs and and dog showing, with my first Italian Greyhound litter likely to be sometime in the next two years, I also breed budgies and have fish, art (particularly creature desgin), music, Homestuck, Acheivement Hunter and Roosterteeth, gaming, nature and all things relating to it, cartoons), Criminal Minds, Harry Potter and many other things. Here on my blog you will find things relative to my interests, stuff about my home, New Zealand, as well as some examples of my work and maybe some random things from time to time. Also the occasional rant about dogs.

Hey guys look!

My dogs dad just had another litter, so Breeze now has some half siblings! Thought I would share. If anyone looking for a IG puppy sees this and wants one let me know and I can point you in the direction of the breeder.

1. Dad, Australian and NZ CH Wondoan Wroyal Shogun (Imp AUST)

2. Mum, Tuarua Liana

3. Puppies all together a few days old, the blue pied girl and the red girl now both have homes to go to, which is why I don’t have a pic of them a bit older.

4. Seal and white girl

5. Fawn and white boy (my favorite, wish I could have him!)

6. Blue Fawn and white boy

7. Breeze at last weekends show (she is in her leggy teenage phase already! How time flies…)

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